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Increase Revenue with Your New Products & Services Posting

New Products & Services Posting

You are benefited with the New Products & Services Posting tool as the marketing lead to promote your new featured products or services. This posting tool not only let you posting the images, specifications and descriptions, but also you can provide custom defined feature-value data for your unique products or services such as the timelines for the product availability, the product applicability, materials composition, size or any other feature-value data deemed to be suitable for your products or services. With the New Products & Services Posting tool, your sale force teams efforts can be saved from prospecting activities. Once your lead is qualified, your prospects can perform additional operations such as background reserach on the lead's supplier, or contact information proceeding to the next step of B2B sales process.

How do your potential clients learn your new products or services?

Step 1  Potential clients search products or services by keywords or by categories

Step 2  Potential clients browse the search results

Step 3  Potential clients contact you

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