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Webtalyst Memberships

There are two types of Webtalyst memberships: Basic and Comprehensive. The Basic type membership provides free service for industrial buyers performing product sourcing regularly. By registering your business as the Basic Webtalyst Member, you can simply logon to send any enquiries to all suppliers and your enquiries will also be recognised as legitimate ones. If your business is not only doing the products and services searching but also providing quality products or services to your prospects, then the Comprehensive member is the right one for your business. Webtalyst comprehensive membership comes with the numbers of the online marketing tools to market your business, promote products & services and most importantly to increase the exposure of your business brand.

New Member Promotion - boost your sales leads with our Comprehensive membership with the first year of subscription fee of USD$400 now!

Features basic card
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Send Legitimate Enquires
Green Pages
List Your Business in B2B Green Pages Directory to Get Maximum Visibility
Sales Leads Posting
Generate B2B Leads and Get More Prospects
Products & Services Listing
Tap into The Market by Tagging Your Featured Products & Services
B2B Online Showroom
Increase Conversions and Leads with the dedicated Online Showroom, advertising your products and services only
(Basic members will get their limited version showroom)
Video Marketing
Impress on Your Prospects with The Manufacturer's Marketing Video
Press Release
Increase your online brand awareness by publishing the latest company news and activities in your industry
Numbers of Sales Leads Directory Categories
You can select the relevant categories for your sales leads and therefore helping buyers to source products & suppliers easily. We do not impose on the number of categories you can use
Numbers of B2B Postings
Unlimited, comprehensive members can post their sales leads, products & services listings, B2B videos, press releases and RFQs as long as their memberships have not been expired.
Featured Postings
Our B2B online showroom can let you custom define the categories for your products and services based on the buyers groups you intend to target
Business Profile
Served as the first phase in the B2B sales process - let online traders know who you are, what your products/services can do, and how you can be contacted
Request for Quotation
Tell suppliers what you need by submitting your RFQ for more information
Search Engines Optimization
All items posting and business listing get the maximum exposure on search engines
Spam protection on your email address
All emails registered with us will not be published on our website
Annual Subscription Fee
(prelaunch promotional subscription of the comprehensive membership)
Free USD$ 400

Webtalyst Features
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