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The Benefits of Webtalyst B2B Services to Your Business

(or you can say the top 10 reasons why you should advertise your products & services with us)

the benefits of web marketing

Webtalyst B2B services has a number of benefits that are valuable and have proven to be effective:

  • targeted audience reached
    all items you post will be reaching prospects who are interested in what your business have to offer;
  • maximize your brand exposure on the web
    our marketing tools provide your business the opportunity to tell interested prospects what your business is about and why you deserve their trust and confidence;
  • unlimited content items
    Webtalyst comprehensive members can enjoy the unlimited B2B content items posting;
  • the flexibility of price setting on your products and services
    B2B sale process can be long and complicate, one of the factors your prospects consider can be the pricing of your products and services. However, pricing published on the web may not be a good practice to your business enviroment, Webtalyst B2B services provide you the option to publish your prices, please refer to our FAQs for details
  • viral marketing
    interactivity is encouraged among other web users (buyers, researchers, decision maker, etc.) by sharing the content items you post - i.e. let other people do the marketing for your business!
  • opportunity to expand marketing
    the geographical barriers are no longer the concern with the advent of the Internet: it is virtually accessible from any country in the world by your potential customers;
  • search engine marketing
    all content items you post will be indexed by the major search engines, therefore, advertising with Webtalyst not only your particular products and services information be accessible by your prospects, but also appear to those buyers when they are actively searching on google, yahoo or bing;
  • adapt faster in an increasingly competitive world
    with our self service members portal, you can update, remove or promote your products and services in seconds to your targeted audience;
  • online supplier showroom for your products and services only
    your business can benefit from our online supplier showroom marketing tool by maximizing brand exposure, creating qualified sales leads, and enchancing the major search engines exposure;
  • cost-effective
    it does not need to be expensive for all of those benefits of web marketing: sign up as comprehensive member now and the best part is - our welcom new comprehensive members promotion is now on to offer 50% off the normal comprehensive subscription fee of USD$ 800.

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